Who are we looking for?

Spectrum.Life has established an independent affiliate network of appropriately qualified and experienced professionals providing mental health support services for an EAP service. The network is national and we are currently looking to expand our services in a number of areas.

The EAP service offers employees and their family’s access to a team of qualified and experienced mental health professionals, who work with the presenting individual using short term models of therapeutic intervention to help alleviate distress. The service provides a confidential, one to one support mechanism for employees.

Why should I sign up?

Corporate wellness is a fast growing industry. Registering with our unique wellbeing platform will give you access to our network of corporate clients and the ability to manage your event schedule all in one place.

Registration is free and more importantly it enables a new revenue stream that is no risk and in your control.

What are the locations?

United Kingdom

What is the role and what are my responsibilities?

  • Clinicians who are part of our network will be provided referrals by our EAP Case Managers. Clinicians are expected to:
  • Manage referrals in a timely manner & follow service case management protocols.
  • To work with presenting individuals using brief, short term models of interventions.
  • To ensure best practice and evidence-based standards are met within the service, and to maintain appropriate and adequate records of clinical work.
  • Keeping up to date with evidence base and CPD related to clinical work

What experience and qualifications do I need?

  • Be fully accredited with a recognized counselling/psychotherapy association/body which is governed by a recognized code of ethics and disciplinary process
  • At least 2 years post accreditation clinical experience
  • Have appropriate insurance in place
  • Have access to their own suitable consulting space
  • Be available in a timely fashion to meet clients choosing to access the service

What competencies do I need?

  • Planning and Organisation
  • Empathy
  • Communication
  • Adaptability
  • Self-motivation

For a full and comprehensive list of other roles available on our EAP & Clinical team, please do access this list by clicking on the following link. Roles available include: Staff Counsellors, Case Managers. EAP Support Executives.