Spectrum.Life supports 300+ companies in their health and wellness programmes. Word must be getting around, as our client list is growing every single month both here in Ireland and elsewhere.

We pride ourselves on advising our clients on the latest approaches, technology, and wellness initiatives to ensure the best return on investment. Over the years, we have invested heavily in our tech team and also in our wellness team so that we can deliver a range of modern and innovative services that will evaluate, engage and energise employees and their families to make behavioural changes and most importantly to stick to them.

Our mission is to build a team to enhance and deliver our digital and onsite wellness to companies and employees around the world.

  • City Center Location

  • Thriving Social and Sports Scene

  • Tutition Contribution & CPD

  • Healthy Lunches & Fruit

  • Gym & Wellness Contribution

  • Health & Life Insurance

  • Sean

    Health Promotion Officer

    “ Through constant recognition and reward it shows the level of support and trust given to those who pursue professional growth as part of a highly experienced and positive team in the health and wellness industry. ”

  • Claire

    Inbound Marketing Specialist

    “ There are plenty of things to love about working in Spectrum.Life, the people, the culture and the chance to work on something I really care about it. Most of all though, it's exciting to be part of a company that is really going somewhere! ”

  • Alex

    HR Administrator

    “ Each employee is driven every day to produce results which makes it an incredibly efficient, hard working environment to be in which allows you grow as an individual and a team member ”

Meet the Team

  • Jennifer

    EAP Case Manager

  • Bernadette

    EAP Case Manager

  • Emma

    Customer Engagement Specialist

  • Seamus

    EAP Case Manager

  • Aimee

    Corporate Operations

  • Ross

    Head of Product

  • Sean

    Health Promotion Officer

  • Kevin

    EAP Case Manager

  • Valerija


  • Nick

    Front end Developer

  • Christopher


  • Dan


  • Gareth


  • John


  • Claire

    Inbound Marketing Specialist

  • Adrienne


  • Linda


  • Sharon


  • Ian


  • Oisin


  • Peter


  • Charlie


  • Leroy


  • Eoin


  • Carolina

    Health Promotion Officer

  • Francislainy Campos

    QA Tester

  • Stephen

    Managing Director & Co Founder

  • Emily

    Corporate Operations

  • Aisling

    Customer Success Executive

  • Sean

    Operations Assistant

  • Joe

    Assistant Psychologist

  • Ross Kelly

    Digital Media Executive

  • Antonio Marin

    Android Developer

  • Paul Fletcher

    Project Manager

  • Alex

    Partnership Executive

  • Aine

    Wellness Team Lead

  • Luke

    Service Provider Recruiter

  • Rory

    Wellness Success Manager

  • Michael

    Commercial Product Manager – Healthcoach

  • Grainne O'Reilly

    Head of Marketing

  • Brendan

    Content Manager

  • Niamh

    Head of Design & UX

  • Alex

    HR Administrator

  • Elsa

    Corporate Gym Manager

  • Stacey

    Head of Country

  • Phillip

    Head of Operations

  • Nathan

    Wellness Advisor

  • Ciara

    Corporate Operations

  • Anja

    Graphic Designer

  • Roman

    PHP Full Stack Developer

  • Damien

    Service Provider Coordinator

  • Mark

    Wellness Success Manager

  • Stuart

    Chairman & Co Founder

  • Sarah

    Clinical Director & Co Founder

  • Alan

    Inbound Sales Executive

  • Karen

    Mobile Team Lead